Runners have 26 hrs to complete the course.

There will be cut off times at the cp's for 2017,the times will be released soon.

You MUST have a copy of the 'Skye Trail' map by Harvey Maps ...

If inclement weather occurs during the race, runners may be paired/grouped up for safety.

The Race Director reserves the right to alter/shorten the route due to inclement

weather,sorry, no refund can be offered.

Any runner,who at the discretion of a marshal or medic, is considered unfit to continue will be

withdrawn from the race.

You MUST display your running number at the front of your person at all times,

Consider investing in a 'running number belt',no number on display = you being stopped.

You MUST declare your race number to the marshal when approaching a CP .. do not

exit the CP before you get the 'ok' from the marshal, failure to do so will result in

your disqualification.

Any diviation from the route may result in your disqualification or a severe time penalty.

Sorry,no dogs.

No walking sticks,poles or other aids are allowed.

You can use an iPod if you wish but you must remove the headphones when approaching

a CP or a road junction or any road running sections.

If you gotto go .. you gotto go ! ... take a 'poo' bag with you,carry it out !

Please respect our beautiful countryside ... do not drop litter.

Do not disturb ground nesting birds or any other wildlife.

If you encounter livestock on the trail,detour AROUND them .. DO NOT run THROUGH them !

Beware a cow with calf,if she feels you are threatning her calf, she may charge you and cause you

considerable injury .... detour AROUND them !

Do not approach or enter any man made structure.